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27 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E Tropic Magazine: Silberstein Architecture has been in practice over 25 years now. These past 25 years have been an interesting period for Florida's domestic architecture. When you began, most clients were interested in Mediter- ranean Revival, isn't that right? You are a steadfast Mod- ernist, responsible for a great number of breathtaking designs. Did you have to move clients toward your philoso- phy, o r did they search you out specif- ically for the designs you produce? Jeff Silberstein: My mentor at Pratt was Raimund Abraham. Through him I was introduced to the work of Palladio where I learned the essence of classical architecture. Raimund taught me how clas- sical architecture is the basis of good design. The clarity of the plan, the sequence of spaces, the proportion of rooms to the whole, the siti ng of an object. In my thesis Left: the home meets the 53 foot width of the lot on the street in a reserved manner, concealing the garage door from view. Above: a hallway bathed in light from sun at either end, and hidden recessed lights in the center. My big break came when a client from California approached me to design a duplex. I took a chance and did what I wanted to do. It created a sensation in Delray B each and won an AIA award. From then on, clients started to seek me out for my modernist approach to de- sign. Today I can finally say I only do modern. architecture It's rare to find an architect who understands what Modernist home design really wants to be in South Florida. It's rarer still to have that designer create a contemporary home that somehow seems to fit right in to a location filled with homes from the 1960s, '70s and '80s... just like a crisp, fresh puzzle piece that has been missing for ages. Jeffrey Silberstein of Silberstein Architectur e is one of those rare creatures, and has just completed a masterpiece in Fort Lauderdale's Sea Ranch Lakes. We recently had a chat. " " 27 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E

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