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fine dining S P E C I A L Tropic Magazine S E C T I O N TheTropicTen Tropic magazine uncovers 10 fabulous restaurants you need to try right now. Text Sybil Robert There seem to be two kinds of dining experiences in South Florida. One is simply for show – fabulously plated dishes with dots of colorful sauces squeezed into position with an eyedropper – and the other is for people who like great food. I opt for the latter. One of the reason's I moved here was to relax. For me, in restaurants, that translates less fuss and way less show- manship. Give me great food, and any opulent setting or bold-faced guests at the next table blur into nothingness. In this special section, the editors at Tropic, myself included, weigh in on great dining options from Miami to Palm Beach. We share with you a few of our favorites. You might not see player from the Miami Heat dining next to you, but who cares. For us, it's about finding the perfect Mahi tacos or duck confit served on a nest of arugula. So turn the pages and dig in. What you'll find are a grouping of accessible, un-fussy dining spots that have helped turn South Florida into a foodie's paradise.

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