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32 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E 32 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E architecture + design RECENTLY, I TOOK A CLOSE UP photo of a poppy. I mean, super close-up. Clear as day you could see a beautiful, intricate machine for living that had been finely tuned over millions of years... A little change here, an alteration there, culminated in an elegant solution for long-term survival. I showed the image to my sister, a botanist, who looked at it and said, "Nature is amazing –– think about it: every aspect of that complexity has an evolutionary reason." There is an analogy here –– to the continuing evo- lution of what architect Max Strang refers to as En- vironmental Modernism. Instead of ignoring the idiosyncracies of the South Florida climate, Strang and his team at STRANG Design make it a point to feast on them, and by doing so, with each new com- mission, they come to the t able with an arsenal of ideas. A good thing, too, as like it or not, that cli- mate is in flux. Strang and his crew are equally con- cerned with aesthetics, up nights wondering if the pool coping in that new home by the banks of the New River wants to be coral stone… or oolitic lime- stone… or something else completely. This continuing experimentation is found in the Shelter Residence, a single family h ome Strang designed for clients on Miami Beach, a home that won the AIA Miami Merit Award for Excellence in 2018 and the AIA Florida Award for Excellence for New Work this year. I decided, for this article, it would be great to hear the voice of Max Strang, on his approach to designing residential projects in South Florida, so with the backdrop of these gorgeous images of the Shelter Residence by Cladio Manzoni, I decided to redact an interview I conducted with the architect for a section in his book, Environmental Modernism: The Architecture of STRANG, published by Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers. Edited for this publication, I thought it made perfect sense. I hope you do as well. Designing for the Coming Evolution Strang Design Continues to Redefine Environmental Modernism in Florida Text Sybil Robert Photos Claudio Manzoni

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