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17 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E renovation+design C A P E C O D OLDER SOUTH FLORIDA HOMES might date from 1950 or so, and maybe this is the reason home- owners often treat South Florida housing stock like a dry-erase board, tearing down anything that doesn't quite fill the bill. In Provincetown, Massachusetts, on the very tip of Cape Cod, that approach doesn't fly. A 125-year-old house in the town's historic center could be referred to as relatively new, and th e oldest house is over twice that age, with over 260 years under its belt. They are seen as historic and signifi- cant –– not disposable. So when interior de- signer Patricia Stone and her husband Ben decided they needed more room than their two- bedroom condominium offered, they bought one of Provincetown's antique homes. Architect Scott Grady was brought in to see what could –– and should –– be done to gi ve them what they wanted, all while staying true to Cape Cod's unique design vocabulary. We recently had a chance to talk to Grady as well as Stone and get both his take on the home's metamorphosis and then her take on the finishes selected. Text Sybil Robert Photos Sarah Winchester 17 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E Q U I N T E S S E N T I A L An elevation drawing of what ex- isted (top) and what was proposed, (bottom) show how Grady brought both a sense of symmetry and a pleasing visual composition to the 170+ year-old home.

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