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32 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E Touzet Studio: Re-Integration Center Re-Integration Center: Mission Redefined The Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale is an interesting example of bru- talist architecture that no longer serves the purpose for which it was designed. When thinking about what a new purpose could be for this powerful build- ing –– Touzet Studio thought this would be a rare opportunity for us to con- sider the highest and b est use of the structure to meet society's needs. From Federal Courthouse to Re-Integration Center Our proposal is to re-purpose and transform this building –– which was designed to house courtrooms and offices that sometimes led to people's incarceration in Federal Prisons –– to a building and Community Center that serves to re-integrate people into society by providing much needed skills and resources to be gainfully employed. Our proposal is to have this former Courthouse dispense another form of justice and become a center for re-integration into society. We propose keeping the structure largely intact but adding windows facing the courtyard to let light in. We would create a "hub" of activity towards the center, better circulation that connects rooftop gardens above for urban farm- ing and Day c are. The corner public space would be re-imagined to be an urban market plaza with pop-up retail and different seasonal events that ac- tivate this part of downtown. Adjacent to the Federal Courthouse we propose a Market Rate office tower with co-working spaces and services below. Win/Win for Society: Less Crime, Homelessness and additional Tax Revenue Our view is that society needs more buildings dedi cated to serving the needs of people who leave the prison system, or immigrants coming in to the coun- try for the first time, or underemployed who are seeking to generally improve their ability to provide for their families. The fact that there is a significant Touzet Studio re-imagines the existing building and a new, terraced highrise to its west as a city cen- ter with the goal of reintegrating the disenfranchised back into local society by providing needed skills in a vibrant marketplace and tech training center. 32 T R O P I C M A G A Z I N E

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